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The Clfden Arms are proud to support Maggie's Centre, Oxford.

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The Kitchen

A menu that reflects nature and the seasons.

Whether it’s leaping fresh from the salted sea, grown in the earth locally or reared on the fields of local purveyors, our food is rooted in local nature.

To these raw, fresh ingredients, we add ingenuity and talent to create something new every season.

* Please note that menus are shown as examples.

Dishes and prices may vary depending on availability and seasonality.

People travel great distances to get here, but the food never does.


Meat – Boarstall Meats.

Fruit and Vegetables - Proctors.

Seafood – Kingfisher Brixham.

Eggs – Local free range.

Bread – Cornfields Wheatley.

Sundays in the Bed & Breakfast

You can pre order a cold mixed platter of either meat, cheeses or fish.